Open Up and Say "Finger On The Trigger" Review

"Finger On The Trigger"
© 2001 Kivel Rec.76%

Rung On The Ladder
Take You Home
Let Me Down Easy
Where's The Love
Life Goes On
Falling Down
Draw The Line
Can't Wait Forever
Bad Girl

Time: 40:55
Genre: Hardrock

TNA dishes out post–1980s metal melodicism with real musical depth and a loud, nasty, in–your–face production. Their sound reflects many influences. Imagine Emerald Rain trying to sound like Mötley Crüe, with flashes of the Scorpions' finely honed sting and a gruff, muscular delivery. Nonetheless, TNA is not floundering identity–less in a sea of past rock greats. Their powerful mix, while derivative, is effective and fully developed.

Despite ample melodic textures in its smartly energetic arrangements, the burly vocals and buzz–saw guitar tendencies of "Finger On The Trigger" may be too rough for some pop/AOR leaning fans.

 Still, TNA rocks up a storm, and that is what the album is all about. A few songs may feel too comfortably familiar and uninspired for jaded ears, but there are no truly lame tracks, because the band's sonic shred brings new life to the old formula. Particular credit goes to guitarist Sean Tarr, whose heroic performances command repeated listens.

The package's sizzling artwork complements and further enhances the impact of TNA and their hard–hitting music. Ultimately, even though it won't hit the mark for everyone, "Finger On The Trigger" is well worth a shot for fans of rough–edged melodic metal.

— by Eric Aaron, Senior staff writer




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