Branded Review
 Produced By  TNA
 Running Time  39.00
 Release Date  Out Now
 Released  US
 Musical Style  Hard Rock
 Links  Kivel Records

TNA fit in with the Kivel Records stable of releases very easily. This is another good example of American guitar riff driven 80's hard rock that could easily be sat alongside fellow Kivel releases such as No More Johnny, Damn Cheetah or Pyn Siren.

The band's debut album Finger On The Trigger was released a couple of years back and offered some good 80's inspired American hard rock.
Branded is much the same, except it presents us with a selection of songs that are definitely more powerful and better produced than the debut.

The band rely less on sounding like other artists and are more true to their own sound, which is guitar driven late 80's/early 90's style American hard rock.

It's not the catchiest record ever released, but contains some solid melodies and some inspired guitar playing and if anything, is very consistent throughout and will get better each and every listen.

Track By Track:

Society acts as an intro into Lies, Guns and Violence, which contains a great hook and lead guitar riff, but both are featured in the verse rather than the chorus - which could have been catchier. The track is still a solid guitar driven rocker though.

Do You Remember is a far mellower and darker number, with a great verse vocal and a chorus that features another memorable vocal hook. Overall, a very cool moody mid-tempo rock track.

Walk Before You Crawl is very much a homage to early Van Halen. This is a party rocker with a gruff vocal and some inspired Eddie VH guitar riffing.

Rain has another feel to it again. This is an uptempo, but more melodic and moody rock track who's best feature is the lead guitar riff.

9 Lives is a semi-acoustic mid-tempo track with another strong vocal and a short, but catchy chorus.

Feel It features a harder edge vocal and a slight modern feel, and could be a track that is rated better by listeners each listen. It's not an instant track by any means. Great guitar riff.

Eva's Song is an enjoyable 2 minute guitar instrumental.
The Sound is another uptempo rocker, but could have used a better chorus.

Scream is a good heavy rocker and closing the album is Kill Your Idols, a track which finishes off the album nicely. It's one of the more aggressive and high-octane tracks of the album.

The Bottom Line

The band has improved on every aspect of their debut album, delivering some inspired traditional guitar driven hard rock. It's good to see them get a little adventurous on a few tracks and push the boundaries. Anyone who enjoyed the debut will be more than impressed with this quality follow-up.




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