Loudest Rock Interview with Danny Tore
Hard at work on their follow to "Finger On The Trigger", TNA are in the final stages of the new CD "Branded" coming out on Kivel Records. From the sounds so far, it looks to be a more hard in-your-face rock album for the masses!

The Loudest Rock got a chance to catch up with 'the man behind the TNA beat', Danny Tore. Giving us a little background on TNA, influences and of course about the new album.

The Loudest Rock: Let's start with basics. How did you all get together, where do you come from and how long have you been playing?

Danny Tore: Well, this story goes back a long time. Sean and I Met in college. We were both attending the University of Arizona. Considering we were the only 2 there with long hair, we didn't have a hard time finding each other! Funny enough we lived about 3 miles from each other in New York, but didn't meet until we were in Arizona!! We put together a small party band, nothing to speak of. It was just for fun with no serious intentions. However, after hearing some of Sean's original material we decided to go back to New York and record. I called up Phil Pacheco to play bass. We then called Mike who was in another band at the time. You could say we lucked out!! He came in and started singing & that's when the antennas went up. Hearing it all come through the monitors with Mikes voice, I thought, "Holy Shit" this could actually work!! I guess we should call Mike "Glue". He's the one who made it all come together. We played the club scene extensively back in the good ol days. We had some GREAT opportunities to play with bands like, Winger, Warrant ,Skid Row, Badlands, Dokken and Trixter. As well as gaining some good radio exposure on radio stations like WSOU. We eventually called it quits in 91. Then after a mutual friend of a cousin of mine and Kivel Records put us in touch, talks started to bring the band back after its long dormant state. The magic was still there and it was like it was yesterday we were playing Lamours. Now we are here and about to do our second album for the label. Who would have thought it. Its definitely great to be able to do something you love for people that really appreciate it.

TLRock: TNA is an interesting name for a band. Any interesting story behind it?

DT: Haha! You can say that again. Some would call it something else @#$!! Let's just say thank God the music speaks for itself. Let me take you back to that day! We were sitting around trying to figure it out. What could we call this band that probably wouldn't do much anyway. After all, we were just going to record a demo. I mean think about it.. Sean, a college student never really played in any serious band. I just got out of a hard core Metal band signed to a sub or Mega Force Records with only one secret album and a secret it was. I don't think anybody knew about it. I think we sold like ahhhh.... 10 copies!! Phil didn't even play bass at first!! HA!! I guess your getting the idea! Well, we just couldn't think of a name, so after a few days of shooting out the most ridiculous names, somebody said, "How about TNA"? At that point we just figured it was the lesser of the other evils!! We just went with it. It didn't sound as bad then as it does now!!! HAHA! But hey, makes for great album covers!! After all, who doesn't like a little TNA once in a while!!...RIGHT!?

TLRock: "Finger On The Trigger" is a pretty well-rounded rock album. What and who are some of the biggest influences on the style of sound for the band?

DT: Wow, that's a fun question! We all had such different tastes in Music! Mike and I loved the hard and heavy stuff: Metalica, Anthrax and Accept. Sean was into the Dokken, Ratt style. I guess if you take the riffs of the 80's Hair Band and put it with a hard drum style and a powerful vocal you get TNA. It was the coolest thing that we had the opportunities to play with bands like, Winger and Warrant. Jump to a show with Skid Row, play a ballad and have Mike doing stage dives and getting guys and girls with big hair to mosh in front of the room!!!!! (lol) Who knows, guess we were a bit of a mutt band. Hmmmm, maybe we should have called the band MUTT!!

TLRock: Your signed to KIVEL RECORDS, along with a lot of great melodic acts such as PYN SIREN, NO MORE JOHNNY, ADRIANGALE and STEVE WHITEMAN of KIX fame. Do you think you fit in well with the label and its fellow bands? Do you have the same vision on what TNA should be about?

DT: Kivel is a label that didn't give up on the 80's sound when others did. We have actually played with some of the bands on the label, many years ago before we all found a home here. We played with Steve Whiteman when he was in Kix, and Tour De Force to name a few, sre some of the bands we played with from the roster. I think we are all going in the same directions.. only with a bit of a KICK!

TLRock: Who are some of your personal influences? What musicians do you admire that leave you in awe?

DT: Wow, let me see. Simon Phillips, Neil Pert Lars Ulrich!! I have to say, Rod Morgenstein. We were playing with Winger around the time that 17 hit MTV. We both play backwards ( Lefty ) and during sound check he sat down at my drums and let's just say it hadn't sounded that way before and for sure hasn't since. I think I'll just say he broke them. I couldn't get them to sound even close to the way he did.. by far an amazing musician!!!

TLRock: What are you listening to these days?

DT: A lot of the same. It's nice to see some of the 80's bands touring again. I still love the sound of Pearl Jam, Sound Garden ( Temple of the Dog ) Metallica and some new stuff like Creed.

TLRock: What is one of your more memorable moments on stage and what was the Least?

DT: Wow so many. I would have to say a sold out show at a club called lamour with Winger, right when he was PEAKING. One of our songs had just hit #1 on some college stations at the time and after playing our 1st song of the night the roar of the crowd was deafening!! I don't think any of us expected it really. I was looking around to see what everybody was screaming about. Shit, I thought Elvis was in the building. LOL! That was an incredible feeling. I can't describe it. How flattering to know so many people were touched by what we worked so hard to create!! I hope our second time out will gain the same sort of response . As for the least, I would have to say when we played a show and brought in so much production. I mean hundreds or lights, pyro and a sound system that could be heard for miles . The only thing we didn't consider, was enough power to fire it all up!! I think the power blew on us at least once a song!! That sucked! But we, got some great pictures. HA!!!!!

TLRock: Was the song 'Rung On The Ladder' written about the band making it to where you are today, or is there another story behind it?

DT: 'Rung' used to be another song. We recorded it and just couldn't get it to flow. So, it sat on the shelf collecting dust for a long time!! Then while playing in the studio we started jamming to the music and it started to groove!! As for the lyrics, I guess it's about us, what we went through and about who we played with and what they went through. It's the hard truth about playing in a rock band and trying to get by on White Castle Hamburgers or Cup of Noodle Soup. Just a couple of dollars to put gas into your tank to get to the show and all the while having some asshole boss giving you shit while your killing yourself to make it happen. Hey, it's a song about and for everybody who tried and didn't listen to those who weren't big thinkers!!

TLRock: What would you say is the overall fave song for the band to play live, and what is the overall fave crowd fave?

DT: I would have to say for me it's "Draw The Line" . It has a heavier side to it and the drums and base just pound!! That and "Life Goes On"!! As far as the crowd, I'm not sure. I guess each song appeals to different people. That is one of the things we were so happy about. The fact that we could be diverse!!

TLRock: Who are the main lyric writers, and who are the main music writers in the band?

DT: Most of the music on "Finger On The Trigger" was written by Sean and Phil. We would add towards the arrangements and change things here and there!! On our Upcoming album, "BRANDED" most of the material was put together by Sean and Mike! I've always been more involved in the business of the band.. Thank God for Kivel, he's taken over a good part of what I used to deal with!!

TLRock: Your music is gritty in your face hard edge as does your artwork and image. Was this a conscious effort to have them go hand in hand or did it just worked out that way? Kudos on the artwork btw as being one of the more creative things I've ever seen!

DT: Well, our musical style was just something that flowed, Mike and I had some harder influences then the others. The in your face thing kind of just happened. You could count on Sean to write songs that we would fit our styles. It was a comfortable fit. As for the album, Kivel put together the package with what he felt should just be there. We were pleased with the artwork. No corners were cut there!!

TLRock: The album credits list Lez Warner former drummer of the CULT and Alex Salz of TOUR DE FORCE as working on the production side. What was it like working with them and will they be at the helm again for the next album?

DT: That was amazing! Alex knew what he was doing. He was a huge help in revamping some of our older stuff. As for Lez, great guy. Being a drummer he really knew how to get the drive out of the sound. He got the "In your face" sound we were searching for. Sitting around hearing stories about shows with the Cult in front of 100,000 people.. well, that didn't suck either! Overall, it was a great team. As far as the next album, well you will just have to wait and see. Lots of great things in the works. We are already in pre-production and we will start recording in the album June 25th . I'm looking forward to getting in there!!

TLRock: What can we expect from the next album?

DT: Ahhh the next album. Well, the next album is entitled "Branded" !! I'd say material wise it will be like Bittersweet, Falling Down, Wheres the Love. We have taken some material from years ago and reworked it along with alot of brand new material that Sean and Mike have written. I'm going to say we're like a good bottle of wine: getting better with age. We are all very pleased so far!!

TLRock: What's the future hold for "TNA"?

DT: For a band that started out many years ago as something to do for fun, we have sure made the best of things. From playing sold out shows all over the place in front of thousands and having some great success on college radio back in the hey day. We didn't expect to be around so many years later. Once again, hats off to Kivel who didn't give up on such an amazing sound and so many incredible bands. We are concentrating on doing "BRANDED", and gearing up to do a few shows.. I'll just say, the best is yet to come!

TLRock: In closing, Is there anything you'd like to say or add to your fans?

DT: Thank you for not forgetting about us or giving up on us through the years. What we do is for you! It's not about the money, it's about being able to reach so many people with what comes from inside of us.. the music!!!!!! We are very pleased and surprised to see how well Finger on the Trigger did in the States and over seas. Thank you so much for believing in us. "Branded" will prove to be just as strong, if not stronger! All we ask is that you enjoy the music and PLAY IT LOUD!!




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