Loudest Rock "Finger On The Trigger" Review
TNA - "Finger On The Trigger"
Reviewed By Patrick Rankine

First listen, I didn't think much of this album, mind you I also wasn't paying much attention to it at the time. I was on my way to a funeral but all I kept thinking was that the guitar solos sound like they are going nowhere, and I'm not a fan of "Glam Rock" (which was my initial impression was) However, upon my 2nd listen is what ill base my thoughts on .As now it is a very different beast!

'Rung On The Ladder' Good song to start any album, but sounds a bit confused as the actual track kicks in. Good intro to Mike McManamons vocals. Very much in the vein on the traditional rock track. I like the mini solo before the second verse. I found I enjoyed the song more, the longer it played for. It really starts to find its way after the mini solo.

'Take You Home' Cool intro and solid riff to start off this track. I like the verse, it follows 'Rung on the Ladder' in style, but adds a bit more sleeze. Which I'm not a fan of, I prefer the AOR style more. I think the spacing between verse and chorus is too long and shouldn't have been included. The "SUGGESTIVE" adlibs between verse 2 and chorus 2 are well.... Crap! If i wanted to hear that kind of shit I'd be listening to a rap record! So i think it really detracts from the song and leaves a bit of a sour taste.

'Let Me Down Easy' I knew this song was special from the first chord! This is where the album starts to fly. This song is very Warrantish/Story telling rock. Simply put...Awesome! The verse, the bridge, the chorus IS world class songwriting and song structure. This song progresses fantastically with the electric guitar middle sections to the build up during verse 2. I LOVE THIS SONG!! The harmonys are in all the RIGHT spots and the guitar solo really cuts into you takes the song into another place.

'Where's The Love' Interesting intro with a radio broadcast. Which leads to a very well structured song. I'm glad there are 2 verses before the chorus, makes the progression and the BUILD to the song more meaningful, allowing the chorus to make more sense. Once again the guitar solo does add to the track. Its short and sweet. I would also like to point out how much i liked the way this track was mixed. The bass is very prevalent and the breakdown before the end of the song is a finely crafted touch. Great song!!!

'Life Goes On' Cool, driving riff! Yet another story. Warrant comparisons keep coming! :) The first verse being extended great idea, then the electrics kick in. This is a rockin song that keeps pushing from the start to the end. The bass solo is awesome and not to common. It really gives the guitar solo something to build on and a platform to take off, only to then brining it back to an acoustic! Classy, and another favorite song.

'Falling Down' I really like the way this track takes off. Its good to get alot of Bass up front and in your face every now and then. Great story to this song as well. Along with a great chorus, TNA really does this one well. I Just have to add more praise for this song, the middle section reminds me of Def Leppard, as wheres it is very spacial. Alot of "stuff" going on, studio effects and that sort of thing.

'Draw The Line' Awesome rockin intro! What a story! What a song! Its getting harder and harder to explain how good I think this album really is!! It JUST keeps getting better! really find the story telling style to be EXTRA special and these boys do it really well without ANY overkill of it. And all the songs are built superbly and they have something different to add each time. The solo once again really lifts the song. I cant get over how well this is mixed.

'Bittersweet' Hard intro, very moody, very melodic. Another one of my fave track. Awesome chorus, cool synths in the background and great story once again. I'm a Fan, what can i say! Sean Tarrs solos, remind me of ADRAINAGLE's Eddie Campbells. They seem to sit in the song and bounce between everything while they sit ontop of the chords but really take off. Its hard to describe, but what a great effect!!

'Cant Wait Forever' Great song, classic, driving rock song! Still seems to maintain the story aspect, however from a much less obvious angle as some of the previous mentioned tracks. Although, this song STILL has a big chorus, great harmonys that is very melodic and VERY catchy. I enjoy the way the song breaksdown after the second chorus, to then be followed by yet another one of my favorite solos. Which in the end...takes off!!

'Bad Girl' Now we ahve to finsih the album, and we get the BEST of the traditional "80s" rockin songs on the album. Which is a good way to end the LP and leave you wanting more. So push play and listen to it again! Only downside is I think THIS last track could have benifited from a better more choesive mix as the other songs.

In closing, what a SURPRISE! For a CD I was never supposed to even HEAR as it was given to me by chance. I'm so happy I did.This is one of my favorite albums and I can really listen to it from start to finish. Its funny how wrong first impressions can be,and im glad I gave it more time. It really grows on you and I'm looking forward to a follow up LP from these guys. Where I hope theyll follow the formula thats been set out here. Maybe add a ballad or 2 and I'll be first in line to buy it!





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