Hardrock Haven Interview with TNA

Hardrock Haven's Derric Miller interviews
Danny Tore, Sean Tarr and Mike McManamon of TNA.

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Band Bio:

New York based TNA (The Noise Addiction) hit the music scene early 1987, founded by Danny Tore and Sean Tarr. They began gigging and recording with fellow bandmates Mike McManamon, Phil Pacheco and Marty Fisher. The group enjoyed immediate success gigging and recorded numerous demos. Their early success led TNA to opening for over 40 national acts which included Skid Row, Winger, Warrant, Kings X, LA Guns, Badlands and Kix. Over the next several years the band were featured in RIP and Metal Edge magazine, performed showcases for major labels, had two number one singles on WSOU, (the only real hard rock/metal radio station in the New York City area at the time) and had plans to work with producer Jack Douglas. In 1989 Marty Fisher left the group and TNA forged on as a four piece and until 1991, were after years of prosperity within the local scene and struggling to land a recording contract the band decided to call it a day, each member going their separate ways.

In 2000 Sean and Danny decided to digitize the old analog recordings before they too disintegrated, sparked by the strength of their previously recorded works, they decided to resurrect TNA. Signing to Kivel Records the group released Finger on the Trigger, that featured their work from 80's and early 90's and also included three brand new songs recorded with producer Lez Warner, former drummer of The Cult.

The band now features original vocalist Mike McManamon, guitarist Sean Tarr and drummer Danny Tore and new bassist Doug Odell. The band released "Branded" in 2004 and is progressively moving forward with plans for a tour (their 2001 tour was cancelled after 9/11) in support of the CD. TNA's drive to stick to their guns and perform music close each members heart is the driving force for TNA.

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