Drummers Spotlight Interview with Danny Tore
Danny Tore - TNA
February 17, 2004

How did you first get interested in playing the drums and when did you know that this was something you wanted to do for a living?

Wow, that was a long time ago. I think I was about 7. Hmmm, longer than I would like to remember. I was always playing on boxes and banging on tables. My cousin had a set of drums in his room and every time I would visit, I would spend the entire visit playing them until finally he just told me to take them. I guess that's the only way he could shut me up!! (Well, that's how I remember it but he still swears to this day that I stole them! Ha ha!)

Which drummers were an influence on you and why?

Simon Phillips and Rod Morganson!! These guys just amazed me, and still do!!! Rod is a lefty as am I. Simon, well God only knows what he was; he could play lefty, he could play righty! Two incredible drummers! Put a touch of Lars in there and I'm pretty blown away!!

Tell us a bit about your drum kit setup.

For the most part I was partial to Tama Artstars with Paiste cymbals…13"x13" tom, 14"x14" tom, 15x15" tom. Two 22" kicks, 18“ floor tom, 20" floor tom, and a DW deep as shit snare!!...Five 18" heavy crash, Two 16" med crash, two 18" chinas, 22" ride, and 14" hi hats!! Two DW5000 pedals!! Two LP cowbells (in the studio, I used DW's and they were incredible. I may have to consider a change or I guess you could say an addition to the family!!)

Is there any type of gear you would like to see come out in the future?

Yes, one with a built in road crew!!! Actually, I'm pretty amazed with the gear that keeps coming out. It's beyond what I would have ever expected!!

You've had the opportunity to open for some really cool bands such as Skid Row, Winger, Warrant, Kings X, LA Guns, Badlands and Kix. Was there any particular band that you enjoyed opening for the most?

Yes, Winger. Rod was incredible! I remember, during sound check he walked in asking if I would like to hear it through the mains (out in front). So, I did. Let's just say that I hadn't heard these drums sound that way before and will probably never hear them sound that way again. So, it was the most exciting and depressing at the same time. However, I will tell you that we were fortunate. We opened for almost every huge band on MTV and for the most part they all treated us like gold. Trixter would also be a great one. They were good friends and Mark Gus Scott was a very good friend, so we just had a ton of fun!!

Your album Branded debuted at number 11 on the NEH sales list. Have you been getting a good response on it from fans?

Well #11 so ah, yeah, ha ha. Can you believe that?! How cool is that?! It's great that people are digging the tunes!! I'm still so excited about that!!

Your band was dissolved for nine years. What did you do during that time and what led you to coming back to the band?

Well we all did different projects…and then also some different business ventures!! Sean, Mike, and I always kept in touch. About three years ago, Sean and I were talking about grabbing some of our old music and throwing together a CD, more so for our own enjoyment! Around that time, John Kivel from Kivel Records contacted me and asked if we had any interest in putting out some of the old music. After talking to the guys, we decided it would be a lot of fun, so we signed with Kivel. The rest is obvious!!

Do you feel the music scene is ready for some fresh sounding melodic rock and roll?

I really do. I mean think about it. VH1's: Where are they now? and you have all the old school bands coming back and doing reunion tours. We are being considered for a VH1 interview about the hair band days. Just lots of great stuff. I mean think about it. It's great, powerful, melodic music. Why wouldn't it come back!!

Will we be seeing you guys out on the road soon?

We are just getting ready to put the finishing touches on a new studio video. Then, it's SHOWTIME!!! For those interested in the video or upcoming shows, we are always updating our website.

Are you guys working on any new material?

Always, the tunes are a life experience. Sean and Mike do most of the writing. I just put my two cents in when they let me. Yes, we started a while ago and by the time we are ready to go into the studio again, we will have a ton of songs to choose from!!

Any other comments or thoughts?

On behalf of myself and the guys, we are just so damn psyched that nobody gave up on us. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING. We do it for all of you. As long as you will keep listening, we will keep playing. Visit us on the web.

If you want to check out the band, you can do so by visiting their Web site.




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